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Every home tells many stories; When kids were born, when friends came over for the big  game, weekend gathering or some special event, or holidays with the extended family.  When selling a home, your home will need to tell a new story and the best possible story in order to attract the most buyers and for the highest number of offers. It starts with a meeting to determine if we are a match and a conversation about your specific needs.  Every situation is unique and Bob is equipped to manage yours.

Successful home sales are due to a number of good seller decisions and building the right team.  The first is calling Bob to bring his unique resourceful perspective, wealth of knowledge, and years of experience for  your every real estate need. With 20 years experience and over 100 million in real estate successfully sold you can trust your home is in good hands.


"I have had this track record of success by careful listening and putting my clients interests first." Bob Georgiou

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