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High Quality Personalized Service

Every sale is different and every seller has different needs in a transaction. With Bob you will discuss your need and the various ways to sell then come up with the ideal plan perfectly suited to you.  

Always there for Fast Response! I structure my workload to give full and timely
support to every aspect of your sale – promptly responding and always being there when needed.and  ensuring the transaction is looked over personally at every step in the process.

The Artistry of Successful Real Estate Transactions


A successful home sale starts and ends with telling a good story. If your preparations and marketing tell two different stories, value will be lost. Not all agents are created equal and each has their unique view but none have the proven track record of success in extracting more value than Bob.  He will work with you to perfectly place your home in the market to ensure a successful transaction.

High Impact State of the Art Marketing


With proper planning and preparation, then presenting your home in its most favorable light, generating buyer excitement that gets returned at the sellers bottom line often by 3% or more relative to the competition. Choosing Bob to list  your home is like selling your home for free and closing with money to spare. 

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